Trixie the Handcuffed Foot Slave
Title: Trixie the Handcuffed Foot Slave
Starring: Trixie
Running time: 7 min 20 sec
Video size: 122 MB
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Trixie is one of the best submissive girls we've had here at Foot Cuties. She's so petite, pretty and loves to show off her hot body. We caught her playing with her tight pussy earlier and decided to put her on her tummy, with her wrists handcuffed behind her back, to show off her feet and wrinkled soles. With her breasts pushed down on a bench, and her blonde hair flopping in front of her face, Trixie looks right into the camera and pleads for us to stop torturing her feet. We've had a lot of fun slapping her soles and tickling the hell out of her, so it's nice to just sit back and watch her beg in a sweet voice while she bends her toes, runs her fingers over her soles and shows off the thousands of wrinkles that appear on the bottoms of her feet. What a complete doll and such a good girl! Download Trixie today and imagine having your own submissive foot slut right in front of you.

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